ZTE announced a VR Headset to go with ZTE Axon 7

After the announcement of The ZTE Axon 7 that brags about real flagship specs. earlier today, I think this Chinese OEM are tired of low league they want to compete with the Big Boys at the Top league, ZTE didn’t just stop after announcing ZTE Axon 7, the Chinese company have launch a VR headset to go with their flagship smartphone.

Judging by the official render of the ZTE VR, you can tell that the ZTE VR look similar to the Samsung Gear VR, Just like the Samsung Gear VR, there are a few controls on the side – a rocker, single action button and a touch pad to swipe and navigate around. Also there’s a focus wheel on the top and ZTE shared that the unit has a 9-axis gyroscope inside to aid in motion tracking – neat!

ZTE VR will also support Android’s Daydream VR, Daydream VR was introduced at Google I/O 2016. However, that might prove to be a bit of a ambiguous report, as the particulars around Daydream are still unknown and it doesn’t help either that ZTE has been blending around claims of Daydream compatibility for the Axon 7 handset as well.