You can now withdraw Cash from ATMs with Samsung Pay in South Korea

Samsung Pay users in South Korea can now be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, the tech giant make the announcement, adding another useful piece to the growing mobile payment method and taking it one step close to eliminating the need for bank card.

The ATM feature is presently restricted only to customers of the Woori Bank, Samsung hasn’t stated when this choice will arrive for other bank customers. Even so, this is another technological success for the service. Samsung Pay’s Magnetic Secure Transmission technology, which allows the service to work with older card readers, already gave Samsung’s option an advantage over its Apple and Android Pay rivals.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched its mobile payment service in China with a wide range of bank partners. The company has also announced that an update for its Gear S2 smartwatch will grant support for phone-less mobile payments later in the year.

Samsung also reaffirmed at its developer conference in San Francisco that Samsung Pay will be launching in additional countries later in the year. The list includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately we don’t have any solid release dates for these territories yet, but the company has been gradually adding banks and expanding its service at a brisk pace, so we’re hoping that the release date comes around quickly.