Xiaomi unveiled Cheap Google cardboard VR Headset with price tag of $7

Well it’s earlier than expected, Xiaomi have decided to announce the Google’s cardboard like of its VR Headset, and this is not different from the leaked picture, maybe Xiaomi will unveil more powerful VR headset.

To be very honest there’s nothing new in this type of Toy VR headset, absolutely nothing because it’s just the basic VR principles, has VR glass lenses and can perform as a VR headset that’s it.

xiaomi-vr-02 tecmn

Xiaomi claims the Mi VR uses VR glasses with zipper design and covered with lycra cotton material and it’s design to fit smartphones with display sizes ranging from 4.7-inches to 5.7-inches. The two-way zipper takes into account the position of the smartphone inside the headset and keeps the phone firmly fixed.

Most Chinese Google’s cardboard VR comes with App that let you watch 3D videos and play 3D games.

xiaomi-vr-03 tecmental

The price for this VR is not official as we don’t expect it to cost more but According to Chinese media, the Xiaomi VR headset will later go on sale for $7, meanwhile you can’t get it now as Xiaomi is still testing the device, not sure of availability, if we gather more info on the Xiaomi Mi VR, surely we’ll let you know.