Xiaomi Mi Notebook real photos Leaks reveals USB Type-C charging Port & Thin Bezels

Xiaomi is expected to launch their first Notebook (Mi Notebook) in two days, it’s also rumored that a smartphone will be launch on same day.

Last week the PowerPoint presentation for the event was leaked, today the real picture of the Mi Notebook laptop got leaked, the image shows a man using the laptop, I have to admit it does look slim and beautiful from that angle even though Xiaomi copied it designed from the Apple MacBook.

Mi-Notebook-keyboard tecmental

It’s very clear that the Mi Notebook will have a thin bezels and USB Type-C port for charging judging by the image and USB 3.0 is also expected, another picture shows a close-up view of the arrow keys which also double as page keys and home and end keys.

To be honest Xiaomi is not binging anything new to the PC market, we’ve seen thin bezel in Dell notebooks, as a first time PC maker the price Xiaomi is asking for the Mi Notebook is a high the fact that nobody knows them when it comes to laptop and computer, that makes me wanna disregard the PowerPoint presentation leak.

Mi-Notebook-leak-2 tecmental

Xiaomi Mi Notebook will be powered by an Intel core i7-6700HQ processor with GTX 970 graphics card. The high-end Notebook will also feature a 16GB RAM, 512GB Hard disk drive and a display with 4K resolution.

xiaomi-notebook-ppt16 tecmental9

While the lower edition will be an Intel Core i5-6200U processor, HD 520 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and also 256GB of internal memory, price for high end according to the leak will be 6699 yuan ($1003), while the Standard version will carry a price tag of 3,999 yuan ($599).

xiaomi-notebook-ppt16 tecmental10

Anyway we are just 2 days away from the launch date, then we can judge all leaks seen so far.