Umi Plus E : A Powerful monster with Cheap Price

Here is my final thought about Umi Plus E, I will start with design, if you looking for a sleek design in a smartphone then maybe this is not for you, but there’s more to the smartphone than just an ordinary design.

Surely a lot of us want a powerful smartphone, so If you want power, I’m talking about an extreme powerful device, look no further as this smartphone delivers when it comes to performance.

Of course the selling point of this device is 6GB RAM, and yes it justify the performance too, one thing I need to mention is the Helio P20 processor, there’s no doubt Mediatek processors are under rated but I believe that these processors can run the race too when it comes to performance.

8 core processor of which some are sleeping until they are needed, gaming and multi-tasking is awesome, I actually ran 10 graphics intense games while switching from one game to another game, none of the game reload, thanks to the 6GB RAM, Ram management on this phone will never be an issue. The 4000mAh battery is awesome too, the battery last longer, at the end of the day I still get at least 20% left.

The camera is not the best I have seen in smartphones but it one of the best I have seen in Chinese brand smartphone, camera interface reminds me of the iPhone camera interface, and here are the picture samples from the smartphone.  

For me I think Umi Plus E is the best phone in the category it belong, you pay less for more power.