Tim Cook admitted iPhone price is too high

Apple Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Apple”) CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) recently said in an interview with India’s NDTV television said the current iPhone, the price a little high, the future will be appropriately reduced. Cook said: “I admit, iPhone price is a little high, over time, we also want to do something, and the price of the iPhone is down to us whatever level.”

Prior to this, Apple has never acknowledged the iPhone price is too high. Cook in the second quarter conference call is only hinted at, one of the reasons Apple’s iPhone sales decline is pursued by pricing strategy: In order to maintain high profits, the need for the highest price.

In different countries and regions, iPhone price are not the same. Deutsche Bank said in a recent report, the Brazilian per capita consumers need to pay $ 931 to buy the iPhone, the price is higher than the price the United States by 56 percent, highest in the world list. Mainland China’s iPhone price 16% higher than the United States, Hong Kong SAR and the price is fairly priced at US.

Currently, Apple is looking for the next growth market and in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016 ended in late March, Apple’s iPhone sales decline 16%. Apple in the Chinese market see it revenue down by 26%. Prior to this, China has always been Apple’s core growth engine. In the future, Apple hopes to replicate the success of the Chinese market in India.