Surface Studio | World’s most advanced Computer

There are lots about Microsoft event, the only product that stole the show was Surface Studio, and this is definitely the most advanced all-in-one computer ever created.

There’s no doubt that this is gonna rival the Apple iMac, Apple better buckle it shoes otherwise things might start to fall apart rapidly, the fact that iPhone 7 didn’t help this year as Apple sales drops, we all know that iPhone is the bread and butter of Apple.


Anyway Surface Studio is pretty impressive when it comes to specifications, the World’s thinnest LCD monitor ever built, measuring at 12.5mm width with dimension of 28” PixelSense Display housed in aluminium enclosure. A resolution of 4,500 x 3,000 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio at 192ppi).

This is the most expensive Surface product from Microsoft, of course it supports pen and touch input. Wondering if this is a consumer unit? Well depending on how Rich you are or if you are lucky enough to have a billionaire dad, then this is just a piece of toy, this product is targeted at professional who want to have their Studio in one piece of device, we are not sure it Microsoft will release a lower hardware configuration in the nearest future.


Surface Studio is powered by a quad-core Skylake processor, with NVidia GeForce 980M graphics processing unit, 32GB RAM with 2TB hybrid disk.

Other features includes 270W power supply, 4x USB 3.0, Ethernet, Mini DP, SD, 2.1 surround sound system, inbuilt microphone, front facing camera with Windows Hello and yes it has 3.5mm audio jack.

While the input hardware are wireless keyboard and mouse plus a small round dial controller with radial input, Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and Surface book will be very much pleased that the Surface Dial is gonna work with their devices.

You know I mentioned earlier that Surface Studio is not for anybody, well that’s true because this starting price for this device will cost you $2,999 and you can pre-order now but the order has limited quantities.


Meanwhile Surface Book just got upgraded too with the latest Intel core i7 CPU, I just don’t understand why Microsoft decided to name it Surface Book i7, the area of concentration in this upgrade is the battery which Microsoft said it last up to 16 hours on a single charge and the graphics performance better too, Surface Book i7 will be available in November with starting price of $2,399.



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    truly the first of it’s kind, Kudos to Microsoft.