Sony to sell six million PlayStation VR headsets this year: Analysts Predicted

Recently Sony announced the PlayStation VR headset set to debut sometimes in October with a price tag of $399, well a lot of questions are still hanging, I really don’t know how successful the PlayStation VR headset will be, the fact that Sony Mobile division is nothing to talk about, we know Sony is doing well in console, maybe that will help the success of the PlayStation VR headset.

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A research company, Topology Research Institute predicted Sony is going to sell Six Million VR units this year alone, am not sure how they have predicted this, but it could have been base on the pre-sale event held in Japan this month, which a lot of people show their interest in the device.

That will be a good news for Sony, but come to think of it, Six million is not a small amount, the price of the PlayStation VR is even more than the PS4 itself. I totally agree that PlayStation VR is cheaper and most comfortable to wear when compared with competitors, the like of Oculus and HTC Vive and your PS4 is enough to provide the VR experience.

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The $399 price tag is for headset and other cables supplied with it, if you want full experience of the PlayStation VR, you will want to pick up motion-tracking Move controllers and a PlayStation Camera, which provide hand and body tracking respectively, and that will cost you $499.