Sony is making a Bezel-less phone with Dual Camera

Surely 2017 will be very exciting in mobile phone industry, not just the design and specifications, I’m guessing pricing too, and we’ll definitely see more affordable phones with good performance next year.

It seems the concept phone Xiaomi released few months back is catching a lot of OEM’s interest. Though Xiaomi is not the first to release that kind of phone, the first of its kind was released by Sharp (Sharp Aquos), a lot of us didn’t know about the Aquos maybe because Sharp wasn’t into making smartphones. Xiaomi Mi Mix got the media attention eventually and was loved by many. Not only Xiaomi will have this type of bezel-less phone, Meizu is making one too infact it was rumored that Meizu bezel-less phone as higher body-to-screen ratio, Huawei Honor magic is another bezel-less phone due to launch on the 16th of December.

Now is the turn of Sony, Sony have suffered too many loss in mobile phone industry, the Xperia 4K display didn’t help either, the fact that when you think of Android smartphones Sony seems forgotten, maybe this could turn this around for them. It’s gonna be something similar to all the bezel-less design phone we’ve seen but with curve edges, (I’m guessing Sony equation is Xiaomi Mi Mix + Galaxy Edge = Sony Xperia Edge).

 There you have it Sony Xperia Edge, hopefully the edges will be functional like the GalaxyvEdges, not just about bezel-less, this is going to be Sony’s first dual camera phone. No information on the specification at the moment.