Some iPhone 6s users complain Home key overheating issue

For a while iPhone have been top of the table for a while, despite the iPhone every year there are one problem or the other, but fortunately no big problems. 

Recently users have been complaining on the Apple support forum about the iPhone 6s Home key to display the high temperature (overheating) problem, the user indicates the first time the problem was found, restarting the phone solved problem. 

However, one month after the problem persist again, this time devices become unstable and then appeared in black and white, a soft reset the phone solve the problem again.

One would have thought that this is an isolated case, but some Reddit users complained about it too and web search found the problem is not the first occurrence, and also appeared in the Apple forum Similar Posts complain Home hot key.

Even though some iPhone6s users have been experiencing this problem for a while, Apple has not acknowledged the problem, nor distribute software updates, so it may be a hardware problem, but some people think it could be linked to the iPhone second generation Touch ID.