Smartphone is boring, Now is time for Foldable Smartphone

Well its high time we start to see crazy smartphone, am not talking about the regular smartphone, people get bored so easy and the fact that the evolution of smartphone has change from physical keyboard, down to screen size and resolution, battery capacity, camera, wireless charging etc.

For me I think it’s time for something innovative and revolutionary in smartphone industry. We’ve been waiting patiently for something like this but it seems Samsung is thinking ahead of other OEMs, one thing for sure, if this is a success, all other OEM will join the league.

Back in 2012, Samsung show us a demo of a flexible screen, we were thinking then that the next Galaxy flagship will be launch with flexible screen but it’s not just about flexible screen but the importance of the screen been flexible which gives birth to the concept of a foldable smartphone.


The latest report suggested that the idea of a foldable smartphone will come to reality this year, Samsung is said to be working on foldable smartphone and even LG too.

As you can see in picture, the concept of the smartphone been foldable is to eliminate the need to have a tablet, as the phone can fold into a 7-inch tablet, the pen and keyboard shown in the pix is uncertain but a very good idea.

I already predicted that 2017 will be a year to remember as far as tech and innovation is concern.

 To be honest am still wondering myself how this is gonna be achieved, considering is a foldable phone, how about the battery, camera and what’s the screen resolution gonna be like? Well no answer for now until the device is launch.