Samsung rumored to be baking Galaxy Note 6 ‘Lite’ powered SD820, 1080p screen & 4GB RAM

Few weeks ago, Samsung is rumored to be testing two Galaxy Note 6 versions, which are flat screen and curved edges.

Although there’s no information whether both phone will be launched or maybe Samsung will launch one before another, a new word is claiming that a scaled-down variant is in the works as well as the flagship.

The Specification of the scaled-down phone is also rumored to be SD820 chipset, 1080p display resolution (size remains 5.8-inch), and 4GB RAM.

This is where things got confusing, how can we call this kind of specs scaled-down or ‘Lite’ version, however the point is that there’s no additional choice given that the rumored spec-sheet of the standard Galaxy Note 6 presently says: Snapdragon 823, 5.8-inch QHD display, and RAM could be 6GB or go as far as 8GB, you know Samsung with their crazy specs.

However this is just rumor, I will implore you not to say it very serious as it’s not officially confirmed by the tech giant. Just pretend you didn’t read this.