Samsung Officially launched Galaxy J2 (2016) with Smart Glow feature

After been leaked in benchmark, render and the FCC’s site, the smartphone is now official, The Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) is an updated version of last year’s Galaxy J2 with loads of improvement, the screen is now 5-inch HD instead of 4.7-inch, RAM is also increase from 1GB to 1.5GB, rear camera is now 8.0MP and Selfie 5.0MP instead of 5.0MP and 2.0MP from the previous edition, battery is 26000mAh, the smartphone is powered by quad core 1.5GHz processor.

The main selling point of this budget handset is the Smart Glow notification at the back of the phone, which lets you color-code your contacts, apps and phone usage alerts so that you get more accurate notifications without even having to look at the screen. The Galaxy J2 also features a Turbo Speed Technology which helps in performance enhancement, it uses the least amount of resources to complete a particular task in the fastest time, Samsung said apps will load 40% faster when you compare the device with any 3GB RAM.

The phone will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and you have color options of Gold, White and Black. The price is what you expect from a budget smartphone from Samsung, though I disagree with the Samsung on pricing considering the smartphone have just 8GB storage, well it will cost you $145 and will be available next week in India