Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Leaked got Mix Reaction

Yet another leaked image of the Galaxy S8, this phone is not even announce, but it looking like one of the 2017 exciting smartphone, I can’t even remember Apple cooking the iPhone 8 anymore, but this time around it seems Samsung’s fan are disappointed about the leak, I gotta agreed the coolest news about the upcoming Galaxy S8 is the ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor which enables the manufacturer to place the fingerprint sensor beneath the display. If this leak image below is true about the Galaxy S8, I think the phone won’t impress a lot of people especially the Galaxy fans.

From the look of thing we can see the fingerprint sensor placed in an awkward position, expectations are high, if this is Galaxy S8 then Samsung have failed the loyal fans yet again, yes I do agree other smartphone user coming from Nexus, Pixel and other OEMs that are used to placing fingerprint sensor at the back will not be missing anything but Samsung fans will have to learn to adapt the change.

Famous leaker, Evan Blass (aka evleaks), tweeted that the narrowness of the Galaxy S8 bezels means Samsung won’t be able to fit its branding onto them. But minimalist fans should not rejoice because Blass says the company is planning what would surely be a hugely unpopular workaround: “the top 1/4″ of screen will be hard-coded to display SAMSUNG”.

To be honest, if fingerprint sensor is what we have at the back, in my own opinion I think it doesn’t matter too much as iRis scanner is coming with the Galaxy S8 and this is definitely faster than fingerprint sensor and it does work with Samsung Pay too.

Anyway it’s not too far anymore before Samsung announce the phone, below are the leaked images of Galaxy S8 till date.