Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded, destroyed a Jeep

Samsung is not having it all anymore, even though all Note 7 was recalled from consumers, some Galaxy Note 7 owner are not aware of the issue.

A new case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion has been noted, this time around the smartphone destroyed a Jeep that belongs Nathan Dornacher. The incident happened in St. Petersburg, Florida, thank goodness no live was lost as he was unloading some furniture with his wife and daughter.

Nathan’s phone was left charging in the Jeep, when he looked back at his car, he realized it was already on fire, St. Petersburg’s Fire Department was contacted and they were able to put the flames out.

The insurance company will cover the cost of the Jeep alone but not the aftermarket modifications Nathan spent on his car. The funny this is Nathan switched from iPhone to the first generation Galaxy Note and since then he’s always upgraded to the newest Note every year, now he says he’ll never allow any Samsung product into his home.