Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Case revealed the curved display

Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 7, that’s if the reports which claims the next Galaxy Note will be announced on the 2nd on August with 3,600mAh battery is true.

Currently Mobilefun an online retail has listed the Galaxy Note 7 case, but from the look of the render, it looks the Galaxy Note 7 will have come with a curve display. There was a rumor last week that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will only come in one variant only (curved display).

For specification we still don’t know much about it, but one thing for sure, the phone will be IP68 water and dust resistance, 6GB RAM is expected, screen size could vary from 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch and QHD resolution is also expected. If iris scanner and USB Type-C are included I won’t be surprise.

Hopefully before the smartphone is finally launch we’ll see more leaks.