Samsung currently working on 90% screen-to-body ratio OLED display phones

Not sure about Bezel-less display as innovation, though it does look gorgeous on smartphones but personally I think there’s more to tech than bezel-less, plus bezel-less display is not new anymore, Sharp did too, Xiaomi did it too, now it’s Samsung’s turn.

Park Won-sang , a chief Engineer of S-LCD, (a South Korean LCD manufacturing company equally held by Samsung and Sony), claims that Samsung will launch smartphones (not one phone) that will have more than 90% screen-to-body ratio which will eventually increase to 99% in the nearest future.

No it’s not coming to Galaxy S8, as reported by Park Won-sang, however the display will sports a flexible OLEDs with up to 99% body-to-ratio and it will have an embedded fingerprint scanner.

Meanwhile Galaxy S8 has been rumoured to feature a display with embedded fingerprint scanner and the removal of the physical home button, LG is the first the patent such technology earlier this year but we are yet to see any device from LG featuring such thing.

Rumour also suggest that Samsung told his worker to keep muted on the information and specification of the Galaxy S8, yes that could limit the amount of information but sure will get more leaks as the production and launching draws nearer this is still an early days of the smartphone, also I have already predicted that the Galaxy S8 will be the best phone of 2017, judging by the early killing of the Note 7.