Samsung brings Bedtime Stories to VR Headset

In all honesty I know VR headset as a gadget used for gaming and entertainment, but Samsung is changing the way we use VR headset, the giant has revealed a new sample app called Bedtime VR.As you might predict by the name, the impression Samsung is creating here is to attach a VR headset on both the child and the parent, while the parent reads a bedtime story and interact with the child even if they aren’t physically able to be with them.

Fascinatingly enough you only need one Gear VR headset and the child can use a Google cardboard. This is a great move on Samsung’s part, as Cardboard is significantly cheaper than Gear VR and works with just about any Android mobile device.

You can hit up the video above to learn more about the ‘story’ and how the parent and child interact. As you can see, it’s certainly an interesting concept. That said, we find it a bit odd that Samsung and others have generally advised that VR is limited to older kids (usually around 10 to 12 years old) and yet this concept really seems to appeal more too little ones.

Samsung is yet to reveal any solid plans on when this app experience will be available to the masses, however it’s only a matter of time we’re sure.