Rumour: Galaxy S8 to feature 8GB RAM along with UFS2.1

Let me get this straight, the biggest event of 2017 will be Samsung Galaxy S8, there’s are various reasons for that, firstly many Note 7 consumer who already lost faith in Samsung will keep a very close eye to Galaxy S8 event to see if it’s worth replacing the note, secondly Samsung itself will be very aggressive baking killer features in the Galaxy S8 to attract not consumers.

I have said it countless times, rumours on Galaxy S8 won’t stop coming until the phone is finally launch. At the moment we’ve not seen a real prove of the design, except for those 3D renders and what some people think the phone might look like.

The latest rumour claims the Galaxy S8 will feature 8GB RAM and UFS 2.1 flash storage, to very honest with you, rumour can claims anything it’s now left for you to think about it, for me I don’t think Samsung will launch an 8GB RAM smartphone next year, I think it’s still gonna be 6GB, 8GB will be over killing and we’re not ready for it yet but If you ask me about the UFS 2.1, yes that possible.

Samsung S8 was previously rumoured to be coming in two sizes, the regular 5.1-inch and the 6-inch which was alleged to replace the 5.5-inch, with both variant going with edge display.

There’s a lot to come on Galaxy S8 goes live, meanwhile please be advice that no rumour is guaranteed