Rumor: No 3.5mm audio jack for Samsung Galaxy S8 but will equip RGB Quad HD display & USB Type-C

It’s time of the year when the Galaxy S8 rumor will flood the internet, out of all, there are many false claims as well as of true claims, but everything is just rumor with a little trace of true.

A new report claims the Galaxy S8 will still sports its Quad HD resolution and this time around its gonna be a RGB Super AMOLED panel instead of a Diamond PenTile-based one, that means Galaxy S8 will have about 50% more subpixels which will boost the sharpness + picture quality and using VR headset with the phone will bring a crisp quality that we’ve never seen in mobile phone before.

Unfortunately the rumor didn’t tell us which model, as you know Samsung is tipped to launch two variants of Galaxy S8 next year, one with 5.7-inch and a bezel-less one with massive screen size of 6.2-inch (maybe for the lovers of Galaxy Note 7).

The claim still maintained that there will be no physical Home Key baked in the Galaxy S8, Fingerprint sensor will be built into the screen (ultrasonic biometric by Qualcomm).

The big disappointment is the remover of 3.5mm Audio Jack, as a new report claims, USB Type-C port will be used instead, I don’t know how Samsung fans will take these, (you all remember the issue of remover of microSD card in the Galaxy S6).

Well back to the remover of the 3.5mm Audio jack, what this means is similar to Apple’s idea of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7plus, you will need a USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter before you can use your headphones.

Why is Samsung removing the 3.5mm audio jack? Rumor claims the remover of the audio jack will help reduce the thickness of the Galaxy S8 and also make more space for bigger battery.

There you have it, maybe this is a false claim we’ll find out soon as more leak image are over due to start surfacing online or better still we’ll see the phone in action sometimes in February 2017.