Over 300 million active devices are running Windows 10 – Free upgrade to end soon

Windows 10 has come to stay, I think the free-upgrade offer, which allowed Windows 7 and 8.1 system owners to install helped Microsoft very well in the adoption rate of Windows 10, over 300 million active user, yes that’s the current figure from Microsoft.

Microsoft added this stats in their blog

  • Over 63 billion minutes were spent on Microsoft Edge in March alone, with 50% growth in minutes since the last quarter. Exclusively available on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is our modern browser for helping you get things done.
  • Cortana, the personal digital assistant in Windows 10, has helped answer over 6 billion questions since launch.
  • People are playing games on Windows 10 more than ever before, with over 9 billion hours of gameplay on Windows 10 since launch.
  • Apps that come with Windows 10, including Photos, Groove Music, and Movies & TV are seeing millions of active users each month, including more than 144 million people using Photos. (And, the Windows Store continues to grow daily with new Universal Windows Platform apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger; updated UWP apps from Vine, Hulu, Netflix and Twitter; and popular PC games including Rise of the Tomb Raider and Quantum Break.

Microsoft set to release free download of Windows 10 Anniversary Update for existing Windows 10 users this summer, the update will have many new features and improvements.

In the meantime the free upgrade offer for users running PCs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is still programmed to end on July 29. After which you will have to pay $119 to update to Windows 10.