Onda OBook11 Pro – Complete carbon copy of Surface Book

Onda a Chinese company that First clone the Apple Ipad Air has shocked me with their new product OBook 11, I bet you can’t tell the different if not for the logos that separate Microsoft and Onda, I think it’s high OEM do something about this, I’m in support of copying, if you gonna advance on it, copy and make it better not just copy the same design and stop there.

Surface book is Microsoft’s beautiful hybrid laptop, though it may break your bank account to get one depending on your earnings but it’s worth the price. Onda OBook11 comes in two different version, Onda oBook 11 Plus and Pro. Both of them have a detachable keyboard with a metallic hinge which appears similar to the one we saw on the Microsoft Surface Book.


They both have 11.6-inch Full HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080, the only thing differentiating the two is the choice of processors, you will get an Intel Atom X5-8300 with the Plus model but with the Pro model, and you will get the latest 6th gen Skylake Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor. The RAM and storage on both the models are same at 4GB and 64GB respectively, with windows 10 OS pre-installed on them.


This is where I have problem with Onda, they only copied the design while neglecting the specifications, I can honestly say this is not a threat to Surface Book, because anyone who want to have a serious business done on laptop will require more storage.

I shall be testing this device once it’s deliver to me.