Not Again, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Exploded

If this is true, it means Samsung have a lot of work do, I mean I can’t just believe it myself, there’s are loads of things that needs to be put into consideration. As at the time of writing this article Samsung is yet to find the problem of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions.  According the Korean Tech giant, not all the Galaxy Note 7 explosion claim were true, it means some claims are false, yes people always take advantage of any situation around them.

Meanwhile on the true claims, majority of them comes from the US, as you know their variant is slightly different from the rest of the world. Because the US variant is powered by Snapdragon processor. Does it mean there’s a conflict within the hardware of the smartphone due to different CPU?

The Note 7 was buried and laid to rest, now is the turn of the next Samsung’s Flagship, the Galaxy S7 Edge, am not sure it there was any report the Galaxy S7 Edge explosion before the Note 7 was announced, how come now, the S7 Edge is exploding, something that was not happening before, yes any mobile phone can explode not just Samsung devices, Xiaomi have exploded, iPhone 6s have exploded, just last week iPhone 7 exploded and burn down a man’s car in the US. The iPhone 7 is just 7 days old and the owner is one Mat Jones, he left the phone under is cloth in the car, upon returning, he couldn’t believe what he saw, Apple said that it is aware of the report and still investigating.


I remember 3 years ago when I left my smartphone over the pillow, overnight, by the time I finally found the phone after a long search, it was like my phone was just coming from the oven, it was extremely hot, couldn’t even touch it, maybe that device could have exploded in the next few hours if it was still under the pillow. Only very few people will be honest on about what really happen to their device and why it exploded, this will make it difficult for Samsung to investigate the issue properly, the fact that they haven’t figure out the problem themselves.

Last month Galaxy S7 edge exploded in a man’s pocket while working on a construction job in Ohio, the man suffered second and third degree burns and he sued Samsung after the phone exploded in his pant, another claim from the US that man was charging his Galaxy S7 edge over night, only for him to wake up and to see his exploded phone.

Not really sure about all this claims, maybe I can believe the Galaxy Note 7 but definitely not the Galaxy S7 Edge but that’s just my opinion, am not saying it’s not true either.