Microsoft Surface pro 4 | can this tablet replace my laptop?

I have always doubt Microsoft ads campaign {a tablet that can replace your laptop} not until I finally got my surface pro 4 not because I want the tablet to replace my laptop, but because I have never experience digital painting, I have always said to myself why do it wanna replace a laptop with intel i5, 8gb of ram and 1tb hard drive for intel i5, 4gb of ram and 128gb hard drive.

The surface pro 4 it’s not a joke when it comes to pricing, I tried all I could to get it cheaper I even went as far as going finance option but was not happy about the deal. I finally save up for the device, £1000 if am gonna buy the keyboard, after purchase I was hash in my thought, thinking I’m gonna return this device to Microsoft after 2 weeks if am not satisfy with it or I’m gonna sell in on ebay, gumtree or anywhere else.

The first day I didn’t really spend time with it because I was very busy all I did was to set it up, the second day I had plenty of time in the world, the first thing I noticed is the screen {very bright, not hash to the eye} I tried Photoshop and CorelDraw on it with USB wireless mouse and it was like oh my God! This thing is a beast, I didn’t expect such a power from a tablet.

I tried couple of painting with the help of Fresh paint App pre-installed. I love majority of the painting I did, I was left without option than to love this beast. Loads of my friends began to praise the device then am like ‘hey it’s not cheap though’. Below are samples of the painting.

Even though the price almost rip my pocket I think am happy with this device and guess what since I got this surface pro 4, I have never touch my laptop all I did was to copy all my work to a the surface pro 4. I have to admit the laptop was never the machine I use for work, I just take it with me whenever I wanna meet up with my clients.
In all honesty Surface pro 4 did replace my laptop and I think Microsoft was right.