Microsoft Surface Phone might be “the world’s most secure mobile phone”

 Well if there will ever be Surface Phone, we are not gonna see one until April 2017 with the journal on-line Windows 10 Mobile RedStone. The most area of focus for Microsoft will be productivity aspect where Continuum, superior Office suite and UWP applications are given a more practical use of the handset. Conversely, the latest relevant insider information indicates Microsoft Surface Phone wishing to build “the world’s most secure mobile phone”.

It is reported, Surface Phone Windows Hello will strengthen the competences, to shield user data through a series of new biometric and encryption technology. As one of Apple’s support resistance FBI unlock equipment company, Microsoft is bound not want such thing happen in its department, Microsoft will need to do serious work on Surface Phone Security and Privacy feature that cannot be easily access by an unauthorised person.

Currently, Microsoft is becoming a direct contestant to BlackBerry, the company had often claimed to be the world’s most secure mobile phone manufacturers. While BlackBerry decrease in sales to the end user market, BlackBerry is still doing very well in the enterprise security solutions, so Microsoft Surface Phone might set up the same approach, if that is Microsoft’s area of concentration the phone, Surface Phone might not appeal to consumer at large.

Needless to say, we are very happy to see how the competition for Surface Phone and BlackBerry in the enterprise market, 2017 for Windows 10 Mobile for Microsoft’s mobile terminal deployments have a very important significance.