Microsoft has outstanding quarter with Surface line

Microsoft has announced their second quarter fiscal year 2016 results and the numbers are looking outstanding beating most estimates in all divisions.

One particular area where of healthy growth was with their Surface line bolstered by the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The solid numbers were attained despite fierce ongoing criticisms of stability and OS software issues.
The company reported $1.35 billion in revenue, which beats their previous record of $1.1 billion from the period last year and more than doubled last quarter’s $672 million number. That means coming off of the holiday season the Surface line exceeded previous sales although that is likely helped by the significant price hike of the Surface Pro 4 and the all-around high price tag of the Surface Book.

Question marks remain about how long Microsoft can keep up that kind of sales push although a Surface 4 will most likely arrive in the next few months to help sustain momentum.
Regardless, these numbers speak for themselves about Microsoft’s success because if they had failed to hit that billion-dollar mark, there would be some serious ¬†questions about the sustainability of the product line.