Meizu Pro 6, First 10-core phone with Killer Specs.

Meizu’s brand new phone is the ultimate flagship killer, a beautiful phone that’s got every OEMs on their toes, Looks extremely similar to Iphone but the Specs will blow Iphone 6s out of the water. The first smartphone to feature 10-core processor, MediaTek Helio X25 processor.meizu 1

Meizu Pro 6 has a screen size of 5.2-inch Samsung’s 5.5th generation of Amoled a 1080p screen (1920×1080 424ppi) display with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, 4GB RAM, 21megapixel camera (no 4K video)


3D Press similar to Apple’s 3D touch and mTouch finger print reader. The device is expected to boot on Android Marshmallow 6.0 out of the box as well.


mcharge 3.0 is meizu’s latest fast charging technology, battery can charge to 26% after being charged for just 10 minutes and reaches 100% within an hour. Hi-Fi audio system brings clean and powerful, accurate and reliable music reproduction.


The chip can accurately reproduce music as it was meant to be heard. Meanwhile, power consumption of the Hi-Fi module is decreased by 75% compared to the previous generation. Common voice calls can also be processed by this chip. Together with a VoLTE network, ultra-high quality calls become a reality.

meizu 7

Since USB Type-C has become the standard configuration for the PRO-series, Meizu has integrated the USB 3.1 standard into the Meizu PRO 6. Meizu has redesigned the data cable, which comes with the Meizu PRO 6. The interface reliability is improved by 15%. Using mCharge 3.0 to charge the 2,560mAh battery via the new cable is faster than ever before and Transfer 1 GB within 10 seconds.

The Meizu Pro 6 comes in storage options, the 32GB of storage and 64GB of storage also microSD card slot for further expansion is supported no word on pricing and availability yet.  Choice of colors are black, Silver and Gold.

meizu 5