Meizu might unveil its first smartwatch on August 10, Press invites sent.


Meizu rumored to be working on a smartwatch few months ago, until now we’ve haven’t seen any leak of the alleged smartwatch but a retail box was spotted with Meizu printed on it, judging by the size of the box, it’s not a phone, it could be other Meizu devices but I am 90% sure it’s a smartwatch box, meanwhile Meizu sent a press invite for August 10, they just announce the Meizu MX6 on the 19th of July barely a week ago.

meizu tecmental meizu tecmental 2

The press invite, plus the box and the alleged smartwatch spotted is making a lot of sense that August 10 will be the date Meizu set aside to unveil their smartwatch.
The alleged smartwatch that was leaked, look very classy and modern, the design reminds me of Moto 360 with the leather band and metal casing.
Xiaomi Today claims Meizu smartwatch will be powered by an Intel’s Rockchip RK6321 which has a dual-core Cortex A5 processor.
August 10 is not too far, as countdown begins for the mystery device Meizu is planning to unveil.