Meet Google Gboard A Virtual Keyboard app for iPhone & iPad

It was rumored in March, that the app will fit in Google Search and lets you quickly look up and send emoji, GIFs, videos, addresses, e.t.c.

In general, Gboard looks and acts like Google’s Android equivalent, with well-known features like word prediction and swipe typing. The major difference is that there’s a G button on the side: tap it to open a search card; enter your search term and paste it back to the open app. Boom, job done.


What google wanna achieve is to remove the resistance of having to switch apps and copy/paste text back and forth. Multitasking is okay but it can get boring pretty fast, especially if you’re in a rush.

The Gboard feature is built right into the keyboard app, it’s available from any iOS app as long as the keyboard is the default, including email, texting and various messaging apps.

If you own an iOS device, you can try Gboard right now by installing it from iTunes. Unfortunately, it seems to be US-only for now.