Meet Duo, Google’s new cross-platform video calling app with feature we’ve not seen before

Google announced a new video chatting application called Duo at the Google I/O 2016, it’s a one-to-one video app with the objectives of making video chatting fun and much easier, the cool thing is regardless of your mobile OS platform you’re on, even if your data connection is not fast enough.

Either use your phone number to sign up, and starting a video chat is easy, Yes we’ve seen loads of Video Calling Apps, Skype, Facetime, IMO, Viber but the craziest thing about Duo is the Knock Knock feature, which gives you a real time preview of what to expect when you answer your video call. Meaning someone call you in Duo, you’ll actually get to see them and what they up to before you pick up.

Duo will be available for Android and iOS, and you can pre-register now once, the app is out later this summer, you will get a notification, sorry Windows10Mobile no Duo for you.