LG Teases the always-on display for LG G5

In a teaser posted on its official Facebook page, LG has give official confirmation that the upcoming LG G5 will indeed include an always-on display. The feature was teased in the form of a GIF showing several smartphone screens slowly fading to black before an outline of the G5 appears, showing off the time and notifications in a manner similar to that of the ambient and active displays we’ve seen from Google and Motorola, respectively.

It will be interesting to see just how far LG chooses to to go with its definition of “always,” particularly if the display on the G5 is similar to the secondary screen on the V10, which can be configured to always show the time and a lot more. Regardless, the company has confirmed that it will unveiling  the G5 on February 21, 24 hours ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, so we should know much more soon.