iPhone 7 will sport a 2K screen, If this leak is genuine

Not sure about this though, but a new leak suggest iPhone 7 will feature 1080p and 2K screen, iPhone 6s Plus already sports a 1080p display, but this time around the normal iPhone 7 will be equipped with 1080p display while the Plus / Pro model will sport a 2K display.

It’s a matter of time before Apple join the league of high resolution display on smartphone because all Apple competitors in the market have a better screen on their smartphone.

iPhone-7-screens-1 iPhone-7-screens-2

The display panel was leaked by a weibo user, from the pix you can see 4.7” and 5.5” those display panels is said to be iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro/Plus.

For me, I don’t think Apple is ready now, higher resolution screens are not battery friendly at all, iPhone6s Plus was praised for its longer battery life, unless Apple will increase the size of the battery too.

I’ll advice you not to take this leak very serious, while we wait till September for Apple event.