iPhone 7 video spotted

Apple iPhone 7 is getting more attentions as the launch day draws nearer, from one leak to another, yesterday the real photo was leaked, same yesterday color option housing shell was also leaked, now what we have on the table is the video footage of the alleged iPhone 7.

The video as you can see shows two different color options silver and space gray, it’s just a 6 seconds video, not sure why the video was so short and the person holding the alleged iPhone 7 didn’t show the front, top and bottom part. It would have been more interesting if those parts are shown in the video.

iPhone 7 was rumored to have a larger battery than the iPhone 6s and the video here still doesn’t prove that this is the genuine iPhone 7 as it could have been a clone version that was launched in China few weeks ago.

Hopefully we’ll get more leaks before Apple will officially announce the phone.