iPhone 7 Plus Exploded in China

This is not the first time we’ve reported the iPhone explosion, though it may seems not as rampant as the case of the Galaxy Note 7, regardless explosion is an explosion especially when it pose threats to lives and properties, sadly Apple still quiet on this issue, well you shouldn’t be surprise  as Apple is always known for blame game.


Anyway, an iPhone 7 Plus that claimed to have been last month in China, allegedly exploded when it fell on the floor, smoke started discharging immediately with non-stop vibration which in the end the phone shattered badly. Judging by pictures, you need no one to tell you how bad the beautiful iPhone 7 plus got damage.


My point is how long is gonna take Apple to address to this issue, Yes I know this is just a minority out of all, as in no way we can compare this to the Galaxy Note 7, but currently we’ve hard at least 7 cases of iPhone explosion in general, not just the 7 but the 6s Plus also.