iPhone 7 Gold color photo leaked

As Apple event draws nearer, rumours and leaks of the iPhone 7 kept coming, the current Apple Flagship iPhone 6s have four colour variants, we don’t know how many colour variant the iPhone 7 will have but we’ve seen two previously, the space grey and black pictured below.

iPhone-7-black tecmental.com

Another Gold colour variant just got leaked, maybe Apple will eventually maintain the same colour option for previous iPhone or bring something else to the table.

iPhone7-gold tecmental.com

One thing we can connect from all the leaks we’ve seen so far is the protruding camera, I think that’s  definitely gonna stay, though a lot of people said it makes the iPhone looks urgly, the best reason for Apple to design the iPhone 7 that way is known to Apple only.

the leaked image reveals another stunning detail about the headphone port. Sadly, the image emphasizes earlier speculations that the iPhone 7 and 7 Pro will not feature the 3.5mm headphone jack but the renowned 3.5mm audio jack will be replaced by USB Type-C port.

Going further, there’s also a hole between the camera and the flash and it is said to be a laser-focus module. The space gray / black color variant leaked earlier also had the same design including the laser-focus module.