iPhone 7 GeekBench performance scored an incredible point with 3GB RAM and A10 chip

Apple never emphasized iPhone performance boost, but after each new iPhones comes out, their performance is very impressive than the previous model and even faster than most competitor’s flagship devices, we believe iPhone 7 will follow same path.

 Now, users of iPhone 7 release of the so-called sub-performance run, with a code name iPhone9,2, In addition, from the performance test, it also revealed the iPhone 7 will have 3GB RAM, which is consistent with previous rumours and featuring an A10 processor clocked at 2.37GHz,  though the processor is still a dual-core CPU.

3GB内存!iPhone 7性能首曝光:A10碾压安卓阵营

As for the performance of dual-core A10, GeekBench results show that single-core of 3548 and multi-core of 6430. When the phone is finally launch next month we’ll test the performance ourselves.