iPhone 7 exploded while a man was shooting a video

Samsung Note 7 have been suffering from explosions since launch, last week another Note 7 that Samsung replaced after it was recall got exploded again, this is a big concern for Samsung but I like the fact that the tech giant swallow its pride and admit it fault.

Apple on the other hand are known for blame game especially when it comes to the iPhone, Apple always blame the user in one way or the other.  

Samsung you’re not alone, iPhone 6s was reported long ago when it exploded on someone riding a bicycle, now the new iPhone 7 joins in, come to think of all these smartphone explosions, I think it’s a very serious issue that should be addressed immediately, seriously is just like caring a time bomb everywhere and the sad thing is you get no warning that your device will explode in seconds to come.


iPhone 7 exploded while the user was recording a video, the man alleged that the phone disintegrated sending glass flying across his face and causing one of his fingers on his right hand to swell. According to him, the issue for reported to Apple after sales support and he was told such case can’t be handled in their department, Apple is currently investigating the issue.