iPhone 7 Clone with Dual-Camera built in China

Ok I know a lot of Chinese manufacturer admires iPhone design so much that the top OEMs like Huawei copied iPhone 6s design all around down to the interiors on the phone.

We have never seen anything crazy like this before, iPhone 7 Plus / Pro has been rumored to feature a dual camera judging from various leaks of the case design.

tecmental iphone7

A unknown Chinese phone make surprise us all by release a copycat of what it my turn out to be an iPhone 7 Plus / Pro with dual-camera, not sure why they didn’t wait for Apple to release their latest phone, as iPhone 7 might not even look like that.

The phone is picture could fool anyone that it’s a iPhone in Rose Gold with Apple Logo at the back, but when you take a closer look on the imprint, it says ‘Designed by TAIWAN, Made in China’.

In a nutshell we don’t have any other information about the specifications, price and software information of the iPhone 7 clone, maybe as times goes by we’ll be able to provide the information.