iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus suffered series of Leaked Photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is launched, the next big event is the Apple event which is due next month, and that’s when we’re going to know if iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus will be announced.

iPhone 7 tecmental 3

But before the event, iPhone 7 variants have suffered series of leaks, almost every day we see one thing or the other about the next iPhone 7. Today there are loads of pictures displaying the iPhone 7 leaked again.

There’s definitely going to be more than one iPhone 7, the question is here is whether the second variant will be called iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro. 

From the leaked image, we can see that Apple is adding a tone of blue to the new iPhone 7 series. I just wonder how blue will settle of aluminium. There is practically nothing new in the new pictures of the alleged iPhone 7 series that we have not seen before.

iPhone 7 tecmental 4

Up till date none of the iPhone 7 leak pictures shows the 3.5mm audio port, I said it long ago, I already take it that the 3.5mm is gone for good but that’s my own opinion, as there’s no official statement from Apple confirming the information.

In picture you can clearly see the difference between the current iPhone and the alleged iPhone 7, the antenna is redesigned and the camera sensor is larger and protruding than the current iPhone, up till date nobody knows the reason why Apple decided to add dual camera to the Plus/ Pro variant of the iPhone 7, maybe Apple is now ready to challenge smartphone in the market with good camera, not that iPhone 6s series camera is terrible but it’s not the best you can get in a smartphone.  

Next month is not too far away, by then we’ll know what Apple have been baking to serve is loyal fans.