iPhone 7 & 7 Pro shell leaked with protruding camera, No 3.5mm Headphone port

Another iPhone 7 shell got leaked, this time around the leak shows the camera protruding at the back of the shell case, you can also see the iPhone 7 Pro with dual-camera protruding too.

For now we can’t really tell how thick the hump is but it looks like is bigger than the one we’ve seen in iPhone 6s Plus.


If you look closely at the bottom on the shell, you will see there’s no 3.5mm headphone port, that doesn’t justify that it’s gone forever, as it could have been repositioned to the top of the phone.

Also you can see that there two speaker grills, that could mean Apple might introduce better sound system maybe stereo speakers.

For now this is just leak image, it doesn’t justify the final look of iPhone 7 and 7 Pro.

  • benjamin owuye jagun

    It’s looking more likely iPhone 7 is gonna be boring this year and getting rid of the headphone jack is a gamble for Apple but Apple’s never been afraid to take gamble before.

  • DE

    I think Apple want the phone to be thinner, you’re right is really gonna be boring…