iPhone 7 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter spotted

From now on crazy leaks of the iPhone 7 is expected to litre everywhere, for your information, iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5mm headphone port, while the lightning dock port will replace the connection for headphone, meaning it will serve two purposes (i.e charging and audio connection).

I know there will be third party connection port for 3.5mm as loads of expensive headphone in the market only and will only have 3.5mm because they served all platforms not just iPhone 7 users only, in other for them to see prospect customer in iPhone 7 community, they will have to supply a connector that will connect both the 3.5mm and lightning port, in other words it could be called 3.5mm to lightning adapter  

iPhone 7 adapter tecmental4

Today a leaked went online, this is the adapter in question, though there’s not official statement from Apple about the adapter that was allegedly called iPhone 7 adapter, but one thing you can get from the picture below, the adapter wasn’t compatible with earlier version on iOS.

iPhone 7 adapter tecmental3

Meaning it will only be compatible with iOS 10 and above, judging from experience with Apple devices I doubt if this adapter will even work with iPhone 6sPlus downwards.Because this picture below is running iOS 10 Beta and no “this accessories is not supported by this device message”.

iPhone 7 adapter tecmental2

iPhone 7 rumored to go on sale on the 9th of September, by then we would have known the truth about 3.5mm to lightning adapter.