Internet Explorer loses Race to Chrome as Most Popular web browser

Google’s Chrome web browser finally take the position of No. 1 and Microsoft internet explorer drops to second position in the competitive web browser market, according to up-to-date marketshare figures published by Net Marketshare.

Internet Explorer has gradually been losing the race of browser and turn out to be more unpopular due to lack of improvement and strong rivalry from the likes of Firefox and Chrome.


But the company is clearly responding to this current development with the release of Edge, Microsoft still has some method to go before it is able to go head to head against Chrome. Extensions, improved usability and more will need to be packed into Edge to make it the Internet Explorer we constantly so badly needed.

Currently Chrome now has 41.66%, just tipping over Microsoft at 41,35%. Sure, there’s really nothing between the two web browsers but many still rely on Internet Explorer due to legacy platforms and applications that are still compatible with only specific versions of the software package.

Microsoft will be looking to develop Edge in Windows 10 to attract web users back to its own offerings, but as touched on already the company has some way to go