Intel Promo is here, get the best deal of the year

Maybe the time of the year when you buy gadgets at ridiculous prices, or what do we call this, just wondering, as I stumbled upon this website offering majority of Intel powered PCs, Tablets, Mini computers and TV boxes for less than half the price it would have cost originally, could this be real?

To wrap it up, majority of the product here are Top brand for trusted OEMs, that’s why I said earlier maybe the time of the year, in fact it’s the time of the year, if you looking for deals on Tech Gadgets, please look no further, here I bring you the best out of the rest.

You won’t find it cheaper, trust me when I say this, I search for the cheapest deals online everyday as far as tech and gadget is concern. Imagine the new Xiaomi ultra-portable laptop yet powerful selling for 400 quid, isn’t that crazy? Cube iwork 10 selling for £117.

Even there’s buy one get one free on some products, plenty coupon codes to toy with, remember that beast of All-in-One PC? I’m talking about the Teclast X22 Air 21.5 inch LED Screen powered Intel Celeron N3150 Quad Core 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM & 128GB SSD that’s currently selling for £229.

By now you should agree with me that if you miss this Intel Promo, you’ll be missing a lot, unfortunately this doesn’t happen every day, only once is a blue moon.

Interested in the Intel Promo, here’s the link.


 Intel Promotion