I was wowed by LeEco Cool 1 Dual-Camera comparison with Galaxy S6 camera

Some Chinese OEMs are beginning to change the directions smartphone market, I think what people need is trust and there will be a time when we’ll trust more product from China, as we already know sometimes they cut corner when offering cheap prices for their product.

I have never been impressed with a smartphone camera for a very long time since the old days of Nokia Lumia 920, even the Lumia 1020 didn’t impress me that much because competitors are already catching up.

LeEco Cool 1 refreshes my memory yet again, yes I love photography, so that’s why I choose very carefully in selecting my gadget but majority of them comes with prices that can rip your pocket apart.  When I stumbled upon the Cool 1 smartphone I just laughed (thinking to myself, this is another catch to sell more), in a long run I was wowed with my first picture taken with Cool1.


I decided to compare it with Samsung Galaxy S6, the reason I bought the GS6 was because it’s the best camera of last year, and it cost twice the price of Cool1, before I did the comparison I already gave the winner to GS6, but something changed during the comparison, I began to notice to crisp and clear pictures and the love I have GS6 began to fade away.


I know Cool1 is not the best smartphone in the market, but when you consider the price of the smartphone to GS6, maybe it will make meaning to you and don’t forget there are 1000s of smartphone in the market, I purposely use GS6 as a benchmark because of its performance since launch.


This is the reason why I said earlier than Chinese OEMs are gonna be tipping toes with the Big OEMs and if care is not taken they might take over the smartphone market, yes that’s only if they try harder and what they need to focus on is the consumer satisfaction, since the BIG brands are more interested in profit than what they give consumer, imagine a smartphone pricing at £919, even cost more than it’s MacBook.


What I mean by if they try harder, Chinese OEMs must put quality first before profit, be ready for serious competition and be innovative, at the moment majority of them are just replicating the each other’s product.