Huawei MateBook

Huawei has unveiled a hybrid laptop to compete with the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface.
The two-in-one device, called the MateBook, functions as a laptop, but the screen can be detached to operate as a tablet, which will run Microsoft’s Windows 10.
Alongside its 12-inch full HD touchscreen, the MateBook additionally can be used with a stylus – the MatePen – which doubles as a laser pointer for presentations.

However both the MatePen and attachable keyboard will be sold separately.
The hybrid comes with 8GB of memory for mobile use, and a hard drive with 512GB of space.
The attachable keyboard is made from soft leather, Huawei said, with the device set to be made available in a range of four colours including black, brown, orange and beige. It also weighs only 640g and is as thin as an iPhone 6.
Elsewhere, its 33.7Wh high-density Lithium battery is said to provide enough power for nine hours of work, nine consecutive hours of web use and 29 hours of music playback.
The device also features Huawei’s power-saving technology and the MateBook’s battery can be fully charged in just two-and-a-half hours.
When there is not enough time for a full charge, the device can power up to 60 per cent battery strength in just one hour.
Hybrid devices that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet have hugely grown in popularity in the last year, driven by Microsoft’s successful Surface line, and the introduction of Apple’s iPad Pro in October.
Huawei said the screen on the MateBook takes up 84 per cent of the face of the device – more than many other devices – thanks to a narrow frame.
The Chinese firm’s chief Richard Yu said: ‘With this landmark device, Huawei is demonstrating our industry-leading design and manufacturing expertise by bringing a beautifully crafted flagship product to market that is redefining the new style of business – connected computing across all devices in almost every scenario.
The technology giant confirmed a starting price of $699/€799 for the MateBook, but is yet to confirm a release date for the hybrid.
The keyboard costs $129/€149, the MatePen will be available for $59/€69 and the MateDock costs $89/€99.
The announcement was made ahead of technology show Mobile World Congress (MWC), which opens in Barcelona on Monday.