HacBook Elite is a Dual Boot Windows + OSX operating system for 1/3 the price of MacBook

Just wondering what took them a little longer, China is a country well known not for just the population, but product imitation and you know what? This people are so proud of what they do.

We’ve seen Windows + Android dual boot, now you have Windows + Hacintosh Dual boot out of the box and the wrap it all up, they make sure it’s very affordable.

Apple will no longer enjoy the monopolistic market anymore when it comes to their OSX, more than 60% of Mac users agreed that the Mac is very expensive when compared to other Windows laptop / Desktop computers, yet they love it with various reason, but majority love it because of the free iMovie software. Now that a Chinese company have launched HacBook Elite for 1/3 the price of original Apple MacBook how’s that gonna affect Apple?

hackintosh tecmental

The HacBook Elite will be customised to your taste depending on what you want to get out of the hardware specification, the company behind it claims to support it with regular update and it said to come with pre-installed Apple apps like iTunes, iMessage, App Store, etc.

hackintosh tecmental 2

For me I don’t think it will make any meaning now, judging by the design of the HacBook Elite, it doesn’t look like a premium device, maybe if the Hacintosh software is built into the new Xiaomi Mi Book, yeah it will make a lot of meaning to me.

This is the start of the beginning, I’m sure we’ll see more in the nearest future with better design, the price starts at $329, if you willing to buy one but that the basic model as you have choice of customisation up to 8GB RAM and 1TB SSD drive.