Google is making its own Smartphone, set to launch at the end of the year

Google is going to make its own branded smartphone soon if the rumor from The Telegraph is to go by, Yes, the company is developing an in-house phone, which – according to the report – is expected to be launched by the end of the year.

The rumor also make it clear that the Mountain View, California-based firm is currently in talks with mobile operators about the handset’s release.

As for who don’t know, Nexus phones are owned by Google but built and designed by other smartphone makers like Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola. Maybe that’s why Google want to make its own smartphone from scratch as it gives them more control on design, manufacturing “Its own phone would allow Google to control the software, securing the future of services such as the Google search engine and Google Play app store that run on it,” the report says.

If you wondering about the future of Nexus, I personally don’t think Nexus will die just yet as it’s a brand on its own, meanwhile Google C.E.O. Sundar Pichai recently said that the company’s support for Nexus branded smartphones will continue. “Our plan is still to work with other manufacturers”.

Google are yet to make an official statement about this report, so I’ll just take it as rumor.