Galaxy Note 7 will be Resurrected as Refurbished phone

New rumour suggest Samsung is planning to re-release the dead Note 7, (what a joke), but this time around it will only be sold in emerging market, precisely India & Vietnam.

What I personally don’t understand, why is Samsung fooling themselves? After taken a bold step by discontinuing the product and recalled 96% of the total sale, for me I think that’s enough because there are people that will still never trust the phone again.

Ok what happens to the airline ban, Since the Note 7 explosion started? There are loads of questions that needs answers, for me this rumour is a big joke of the year but never say never, as it is possible that the rumour could be true.

According to Samsung, Samsung Electronics will release Galaxy Note 7 with a low-capacity battery as early as June this year. Each division of Samsung Electronics began work to finalize related projects by May.  The main reason for the discontinuity is replacing the existing low battery (3500 mAh) with a smaller capacity. In the industry, “3000 to 3200 mAh battery will be installed,” he said. “It is a reflection of the fact that excessive battery capacity has been the cause of ignition.”

We plan to replace the case with a new one with the core parts intact. Samsung Electronics is selling the so-called “ripper phone”, which is a new type of product that has been repaired since September last year. Samsung plans to reduce the inventory burden on the Galaxy Note 7 by selling a ripper phone. Samsung Electronics has recovered 98% of the 3.16 million units sold so far. Of these, 200,000 were used for experiments to identify battery fires. Samsung is seeing 2.5 million units left in inventory.

The loss of 7 trillion won, which is estimated by Samsung Electronics, is likely to decline due to sales of refurbished phones. Samsung recovered the Galaxy Note 7 that was shipped from the end of last year and exchanged it for a new product. As a result, we saw a loss of about 3 trillion won. It is believed that the loss of the initial 7 trillion won loss of opportunity combined with the loss of opportunity for the original plan to sell 20 million units.

It is also possible to solve the environmental problems caused by the disposal of the products, and it is highly likely that the Ministry of Environment will avoid the penalties. The Ministry of Environment said, “Samsung Electronics can impose penalties if it does not observe recycling obligations.”  Galaxy Note 7 will be sold mainly in emerging markets such as India and Vietnam. A company official said.