First Picture of Ulefone Dual Camera Leaked

Dual Camera is coming a must for any smartphone one would class as Flagship device, it’s just a matter of time, but I don’t expect it to be very long before you start to see more of dual camera setup smartphone.


Ulefone was rumored long ago about baking a dual camera smartphone, today I bring you the first leaked picture of the phone itself, at the moment I do not know what the phone will be called. Hopefully this will be a better camera phone, because camera quality on Ulefone devices are poor when it compared to other competitors.

Another thing one should be aware of, not all Chinese smartphone manufacturer use quality hardware when baking their phones. As in some could have dual camera setup which only one camera lens will function while the other one is just a dummy.

Anyway Ulefone will demo some of their devices at Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong on the 18th October, maybe the smartphone will be among product demo. Then I can share more info about the device with you.