Control your Smartphone from your PC or Mac with LG VPInput

VPInput is a software that allows users to control an LG G5, LG G4 or LG V10 smartphone from a PC or Apple Mac through Bluetooth, no internet connection is required but you must have installed the VPInput App on your smartphone and the PC companion software must be installed on your PC too.

lg-vpinput c

Features of the VPInput includes controlling your smartphone from your Computer using Mouse and Keyboard, meaning you can type message or emails on your smartphone with PC keyboard. Clipboard mean whatever you copy on your PC can be pasted on your smartphone. You can also share an instant screenshot of your smartphone to your PC. App switching seems to be my favourite, by pressing the keyboard shortcuts lets you switch Apps quickly.

Of course not everyone will find it interesting, the fact that is not even close to Continuum, if you’ve tried continuum before then you will understand what I mean, meanwhile the App is available from the Play Store